Acoustic Guitar Strap Button

Guitar straps attach to a guitar by snapping onto a small metal button. A problem that many people run into is that acoustic guitars usually come with only one button installed. Sometimes it is desirable to have more than one button, but in order achieve this; holes must be drilled into the bottom of your guitar. For those of you who are thinking of doing this, I highly advise you NOT TO! Guitars are built the shape they are for a reason: to provide great sound and acoustic resonance. Drilling holes in your acoustic could completely ruin the sound of your guitar, forcing you to buy another one. The margin for error is small, so if you want to install another guitar strap button, find a professional.

This picture here is an alternative to installing a button. It wraps the strap safely around the top of the guitar so no drilling or modification is required. There is no risk involved with this setup, as it won’t damage your guitar. Find out more about this system.