Leather Acoustic Guitar Strap

Leather is by far the most popular guitar strap material. Everyone I know who plays an acoustic owns at least one leather guitar strap. This is because most people (except for vegetarians) enjoy the look and feel of leather and it is known for its strength and long lifespan. Another big reason why leather straps sell so well is that they match perfectly with natural finish acoustic guitars. Check out the picture below for a great leather guitar strap with an awesome design.


Of course this is not the only design there is. There are countless sizes, shapes, colours and designs of guitar straps to choose from. I personally love this design and my favorite colour for them is black. Don’t limit yourself to a single store or vendor, the best market to shop for acoustic guitar straps (especially if you have a custom design in mind) is online. Click here for some more great designs. There are just SO MANY choices out there, it is hard to choose. I’m not going to list all of the best designs here on this site so I’ll leave a link at the bottom to Amazon.com that will show a ton of leather guitar strap designs. Check them out and see if any of them would look great on your guitar.

Check out the Leather Strap Designs