Installing a Guitar Strap

Another important topic that I should cover is hooking up an acoustic guitar strap. I you are lucky, then your guitar already has the required hardware and all you have to do is snap the guitar strap to your guitar. For those of you are reading this who do not have the hardware, this article is for you. You guitar strap cannot attach to your guitar is simply because of what brand of guitar you purchased. Some guitars are made specifically for people who play while seated, so a strap is not necessary. In any case, getting a strap attached to your guitar needs to be planned out beforehand. I will share with you a couple of methods in this article.

One method of attaching a strap is called the Willie Nelson method. It is probably the simplest and cheapest method possible. Using some string or thread, tie the strap to the neck of your guitar make sure you secure it above the bolt. This will stop the end from sliding around. Securing the other end to your guitar is more of a challenge. What you need to do is tie a hook to the strap using the same string as before. Then use the hook to attach the strap to the sound hole. This is a rudimentary method, but it accomplishes the task.

A second way to attach the strap is to install the hardware yourself. To do this, you must drill a couple of button holes. This is a risky procedure if you are not both a guitar and carpentry expert. Once the holes are drilled, acoustic guitar strap buttons must be glued to them.