Acoustic Guitar Strings

The following is a straight forward guide outlining how you change the strings on a guitar. People sometimes think this process is too hard and that they must get an expert to do it for them. This is simply not the case. This guide will walk you through the process and once you do it a couple of times, you’ll feel like an expert yourself.

First you should loosen the low E string (sixth string on your guitar) with a string widener. Once you have done that, cut the string with wire cutters as close to the tuning peg as you can get. The other end can be easily be detached from the bridge. Discard the string fragment.

Next you must get out a new string and begin securing it to your guitar. Place the end of the string with the ball on it into the bridge hole. Put the bridge pin back in place to secure that end of the string completely. Gently pull on the string until you notice that the ball has fallen into place.

Now you should grab the string and pull it up to the head of the guitar. Make sure you turn the tuning peg first so that you can easily place the string into the hole. Turn the peg a few times, but make sure you leave a bit of slack. As you are turning the tuning peg, be sure that the string passes beside the piece of string that is coming out of the tuning peg. On each subsequent turn, you want the strings to wrap around just under the last one.
Grab the wire cutters again and remove the piece of string that is sticking out of the tuning peg. This will prevent it from cutting anyone.

You’re done! Now all you must do is follow these steps again for the remaining acoustic guitar straps. I advise that you do one string at a time so that you’ll do the job carefully and won’t make any mistakes. You can also take this as an opportunity to clean under your acoustic guitar strings.