Acoustic Guitar Strap

Acoustic guitar strap are useful for people who play their acoustic guitar standing up or have trouble keeping the guitar steady. Lots of people forget to buy a strap when they buy their first acoustic. They soon find out that the instrument can be quite awkward to play because of its size and next to impossible to play standing up without some support.

When beginners are first looking to get into the acoustic guitar market, they are usually looking for the best sounding, best looking guitar for the lowest price available. Guitar accessories aren’t thought of as being important. Once a buyer realizes that they need a guitar strap, it is sometimes too late because some models aren’t made to have a strap attached. For example, in Spanish culture it is tradition to perform while seated, so an acoustic guitar strap isn’t required.

If you find yourself in this predicament, then you have no choice but to get an acoustic guitar strap button installed on the side of your guitar. The installation requires the drilling of small holes into the body. The holes are then fitted with small metal buttons that you can attach a strap to. DO NOT try to drill the holes and install the buttons yourself. You could completely wreck your guitar’s acoustics and it might not be playable if you screw this procedure up. Spend the few dollars it costs for a professional guitar strap button installation. Doing it yourself isn’t worth the risk of damaging your expensive guitar.

There are many acoustic guitar straps to choose from. They are made from a wide variety of materials, from leather to plastic to polyester. Here at Acoustic Guitar Strap we aim to help you choose the strap that is the right fit for you, as well as your guitar.

The largest selection of acoustic guitar straps that I know of is at provide a huge selection of straps and is very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for using the sorting options. All of the largest brand names in guitar straps are featured there including Washburn, Schecter, Taylor Guitars, PRS Guitars, Alvarez, Dean and many more.

I’ll put the link to the massive selection of acoustic guitar strap below. Once you take a look, you’ll want to buy more straps than your guitar can hold! Click the link and it will take you to a list of all the straps.